Searching for the Best Restaurants in South End Charlotte

Sudden End Charlotte is home to an extraordinarily diversified food industry and a thriving cultural environment. This neighbourhood has established a reputation as one of the top eating destinations in the country because to its extensive selection of dining options.

There is something to please every pallet, from hip restaurants featuring cutting-edge flavours to upscale restaurants providing classic fare. Here are the top 10 restaurants in South End Charlotte that we think you should try.

The 10 Best Restaurants in South End Charlotte

The Top 10 Restaurants in South End Charlotte to Visit


Hawkers is a popular restaurant for lunch and evening that specialises in Asian fusion cuisine and delicious small plates. Hawkers emanates a bright, fresh, and one-of-a-kind atmosphere that transports you to the busy streets of Asia.

The restaurant’s interior design expertly evokes the spirit of Hong Kong street sellers, and the cuisine does the same. Hawkers offers the ideal environment for dining with friends, family, or on a casual date.

What distinguishes it:

You may have a tapas-style meal at Hawkers and choose from a choice of small meals that range in price from $5 to $12. Our favourite part of their happy hour is the $3 small dish menu and discounted beverages.
You certainly must sample their tasty Pad Thai or Korean wings when you arrive. In addition to the delicious cuisine, the attentive service and vibrant ambiance certainly make it a pleasant excursion.

Charlotte, stir

For lunch, supper and weekend brunch, STIR Charlotte is a hip cocktail bar with an outside design that offers a variety of seafood alternatives. The perfect place to have a night out, entertain clients, or enjoy a specialty cocktail and a dozen oysters.

Due to the thorough in-house creation of many of the flavours, STIR is known for its outstanding cocktails.

Why people like it:

At STIR, the ambiance is relaxed and welcoming. We strongly urge you to try their Crispy Mahi Bowl, Oysters, and Chicken Piccata.

The “ice chef” at STIR, who methodically crafts enormous chunks of ice that are then deftly blended into the inventive presentation of their drinks, is what really captures our attention. Don’t pass up the chance to enjoy any of the drinks offered by STIR and take advantage of this great feature.

Northern Italy

North Italia is the only place to go if you want to eat Italian food. Each dish is made from scratch in this restaurant, which takes delight in this. The setting is warm and private, making it the ideal option for a special celebration or romantic evening. North Italia, which is open for lunch, supper, and brunch, tempts customers with its homemade pizzas and pastas cooked with fresh ingredients and creative flavours.

Why it is notable:

The handmade pastas and sauces at North Italia are simply amazing. This is the place to be if you’re craving a genuine Italian meal. We appreciate that North Italia also provides homemade drinks that have been specifically chosen to go with particular menu items.

Seoul Meat and Food Corner

A variety of Asian craft beers and specialty drinks are served with the Korean-inspired BBQ specialties at Seoul Food Meat Corner, a rustic hangout. This restaurant, which is open for lunch and supper, provides a varied menu with a range of choices and serving sizes so you may customise your meal to fit your appetite.

What distinguishes it:

This is the place to go if you’re craving delicious Korean American pub cuisine. The atmosphere is upbeat, enthusiastic, and friendly. Don’t miss their delectable 12-hour cooked Beef Rib, Fire Chicken, or Crispy Pork Belly.


Superica is unmatched when it comes to great Tex-Mex food. This restaurant, which has roots in the 1940s, combines classic Mexican flavours with

a Texas touch, resulting in contemporary, delectable cuisine that satisfy every palate.

Superica’s environment is best characterised as open, contemporary, and electrifying. The crew is committed to provide top-notch service and making every dining experience enjoyable.

We’re hooked because:

Superica is a must-go to if you love Tex-Mex and welcoming service. The fact that Superica serves delectable Tex-Mex for breakfast sets it apart from other restaurants. Enjoy their Huevos Rancheros, Steak Fajitas, or Queso Fundido. And don’t forget to get one of their delicious margaritas or handmade salsas to go with your meal.

Leonard Fox

Leroy Fox is a southern-style eatery that offers brunch on the weekends in addition to lunch and supper. This restaurant is well-known for its fried chicken and drinks served in cute mason jars and has a contemporary atmosphere.

They use a handmade batter to make all of their chicken, and local ingredients guarantee a deliciously fresh flavour.

Why we like it:

The ideal place to watch a sporting event and enjoy excellent southern cuisine is Leroy Fox. When you go, make sure to sample their delectable Green Bean Casserole and scrumptious Honey Buffalo Sandwich. We like how big their portions are and how there is usually enough for leftovers.

Spanish Wine Bar

Barcelona Wine Bar is a cosy and welcoming tapas bar that draws its inspiration from the dynamic culture of Spain. Their seasonal cuisine ensures that there is always something fresh and intriguing to uncover. The seasonal foods used at Barcelona Wine Bar are a priority, and the restaurant takes culinary cues from Spanish and Mediterranean delicacies.

What makes it unique:

You can always rely on the meals at Barcelona Wine Bar to be quick and fresh. A romantic evening is made more beautiful by the dark lighting and timeless music. The heated outside terrace throughout the year adds to the welcoming atmosphere.

We adore the uncommon assortment of South American and Spanish wines that Barcelona Wine Bar provides. Their delicious Hanger Steak and Patatas Bravas are not to be missed.

Sleep Eatery

The traditional breakfast and brunch establishment Snooze Eatery has attentive staff and a nostalgic, lively environment. This restaurant, which is open from early in the morning (6:30 am on weekdays and 7:00 am on weekends) until 2 pm, provides both pet-friendly patio tables and booth table seating.

We adore this about it:

One of the most well-liked brunch spots in South End Charlotte is Snooze Eatery. We value the ease with which Yelp allows us to bypass lengthy waits by adding our name to a virtual waiting. If you do come in, there is a free coffee station available so you can relax with a cup of java while they set up your table. Enjoy their tantalising Tostada Eggs or their tempting Flight of Pancakes.


An affluent, sophisticated restaurant called Vana serves lunch and supper patrons. Vana brilliantly encapsulates the idea of its Sanskrit name, which translates to “wooded area of the forest,” with its wood-themed design and menu items.

Vana is the ideal location for an unforgettable date night or special event if you’re looking for inventive presentations and luxury culinary wonders.

Why it merits a trip:

With its mismatched furnishings, dry-aged meats on show in the cooler, and windows that open to the street, Vana’s atmosphere is nothing short of amazing. Both in terms of taste and appearance, these creative cocktails have distinct flavours that are entertaining to sip. Enjoy their mouthwatering Pork Cheeks, Bison Tartare, or the crisp Ceviche.

300 East

For more than 30 years, South End Charlotte has been blessed by the renowned, family-run restaurant 300 East. Special

This welcoming institution specialising in American food is perfect for families and parties wishing to enjoy a fast lunch with a handmade touch.

Why we’re smitten:

The staff at 300 East treats you with great welcome, making you feel like a member of the family. It is set in a wonderful older home. There is something on their menu to suit every taste thanks to the large range of cuisines. Try their delicious sweet potato ravioli, French onion dip, and Chesapeake Style Crab Cakes.

Final Reflections

There are many additional eating alternatives in South End Charlotte that are just waiting to be discovered, even if we’ve only selected the top 10. Everyone who visits South End Charlotte will have a fantastic gastronomic experience because to the area’s broad and distinctive food scene.

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